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Tips to help your children on the autism spectrum.


10 Things I Do To Help Me Cope As An Autism Parent

When people find out I have three children with autism (After the initial shock!) the question that follows is: “How ...
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And The Award For Special Needs Goes To…

The recent news of a good Samaritan helping a differently-abled man touched the hearts of thousands of people around Trinidad ...
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Autism And Taking Good Care Of Yourself As A Parent

As Autism Parents, we tend to constantly be ensuring that our children have everything they need, many times at the ...
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The Autism Parents That Aren’t Highlighted Enough

I have the wonderful opportunity to talk often to other parents with children with autism and hear their personal stories ...
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Blue Is Not The Colour Of Autism

The largest organization on Autism called Autism Speaks created the “Light it up Blue” initiative back in 2010. Basically, businesses ...
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Seeking The Right Teacher For My Son On The Autism Spectrum

I am looking for a teacher for my teenage son but not just any teacher. Let me explain… My writings ...
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Disappointing: Child Guidance North Clinic

As a parent of special needs children and the President of the Autism Parents Association of Trinidad & Tobago (APATT), ...
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PM Keith Rowley

Open Letter To The Hon. PM Dr. Keith Rowley

Dear Honourable Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley, I am writing you this letter with a hand in my heart, hoping ...
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