Amazing Things About Being An Autism Mom


Amazing Things About Being An Autism Mom Today is Mother’s Day so I thought of sharing with you some amazing things I love about being an Autism Mom. There is a lot of humour in this post and a little sarcasm in the mix of course, so take it easy. *wink*


I don’t know about you, but when I am at work I need to write down almost everything, otherwise I forget…I think it is called um..let me think… yes… stress wink.gif that’s right. I wish I could take my 3 Kings at work because I know for sure they will keep me in check if I forget something.

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When we are at home or outside, the only thing I have to say is: “Excuse me your Highness please remind to…” and they will automatically remind me. In one occasion, we forgot to collect a bag at the mall and thanks to one of my Kings, we came back to retrieve it. Another time (More recently), we forgot a whole trolley full of groceries in the parking lot at the supermarket (*laugh*, don’t ask!) but Your Highness #3 noticed and we flew (Well, figuratively) and we were lucky enough to get it back!


Something you can always get from children on the spectrum is honesty, brutally honest to be exact. So yes, if you ask them if that dress makes you look old/fat/ugly they will definitely tell you. I think all Autism moms can appreciate that.

We already live in a sort of fake world where people do not necessarily tell you how they really see things or their sincere opinion, so having children who are not afraid to express their honesty (Diplomacy can also be taught along with honesty) is a breath of fresh air.


When Kings get fussy about my cooking and I am about to lose all my hair I grab peanut butter & jelly and problem solved. Ideal? Definitely not, but very handy for those days when you’re super stressed or your child won’t eat anything else. At the end of the day, they have to eat something, right?! They eat it in sandwiches, crix, toast, on top of pancakes and waffles as well. I recommend that you purchase (If possible) a natural peanut butter which basically does not have any hydrogenated oil and is just roasted peanuts.

Even though my Kings have been eating all the food I make, from time to time a little picky King #3 gives trouble so I always have peanut butter at home for one of those Hulk moments. I make some super-fast banana smoothies to go with it for a healthier meal.


I love how my boys get excited about things that most children take for granted. Being a mom can be quite challenging (We all know that) but parenting children who are teaching YOU to enjoy the simplest of things is what life is all about. They keep you grounded, grateful and happy.

When a lot of boys of their age are expecting the latest gadgets or phones, my boys are just happy when we go out and do simple things together such as lip sync, going to the beach, when we find weird insects and take pictures, collecting seashells or creating homemade costumes using recycled materials.


Everyone seems to be rushing in our very fast-paced world, like if there is no time anymore to sit down, talk, ponder or look at someone’s eyes and connect. What I love about being an Autism mom is that my world is definitely slower in pace compared to parenting a child who might be neurotypical however it does not take away my joy. Living a slower pace, allows me to bond with my boys in a very special way and be able to learn from them and the many wonderful things they teach me every day.

We celebrate improvements in penmanship or how great they are getting at drawing and colouring. I love coming home and seeing their work and how happy they are at their accomplishments.

Everything moves a little slower than most people expect but as an Autism mom I learned to realise that my children set the pace and we simply teach and guide them through it all.

There is no plane or train to catch, everything gets done in due time.


When I became a mother, I knew I wanted to become the best mom I could possibly be. I was just glad to know that my boys will have the wonderful opportunity to have both parents.

I grew up without my natural parents, and the loss of not having my own mother around is something that you never completely heal from. You miss someone you don’t remember and it made me realise that the bond between a child and their mother is so special that it goes beyond this life or memories.

I lost my mother at the tender age of 1 year old (She went missing during the so called “Dirty War” in Argentina back in the late 70’s when 30,000 people went missing) . I grew up with a wonderful grandmother (Who passed away) who tried her very best to be the most caring mother she could possibly be. She taught me everything about compassion through her example and care for others.

But it was only when I became a mom that I realised that the loss of a mother is irreplaceable and I wanted to ensure my boys can enjoy the blessing of a supportive mom who is always present, and not wonder how their mom’s laugh might sound like or their tone of voice, or their scent…as I have wondered many times myself. It was only when I became a mother that I realised how much I gained but also how much I lost as well growing up.

But being a mom isn’t about being stuck on what you might have lost… it is about creating those very special memories that your children will remember you when you are no longer here. Happy memories in which they can hold on tight when they need you the most… Memories that will help them navigate this world.

Memories in which YOU are always right there next to them, in every single step…whispering in their ear:

“Son/daughter…You can do it… I know you can… I BELIEVE IN YOU.”

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Maria Sol Borde

Author: Maria Sol Borde

I am a Mom of 3 wonderful Kings, all on the Autism Spectrum. No, it isn't a typo. As you can imagine, life is never boring around here.

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