This King With Autism Eats Everything… Almost


This King With Autism Eats Everything... AlmostChristmas was in the air!…umm wait, did Christmas pass already? I don’t even know what date is today to be honest because for the past few days I am nursing a house full of sick kings and very little hair on top of my head.

As a Vegan and health enthusiast, I hardly get sick. Maybe once every few years I might get some odd cold coming from nowhere but 99% of the time I am very healthy. No kidding, do you have another choice when you have three kings to look after?

Now, the thing is..having 3 kings on the spectrum and one in particular with sensory related issues makes things quite difficult with regards to eating healthy or have a variety of foods that he will actually eat. Hm, let me think: Peanut butter, cereal, pasta, toast, crix, roti skin and Chinese noodles. I think that’s about it. Which means that the youngest gets ill very often (VERY often) and when one gets ill..the rest gets ill as well.

I am a firm believer in reducing common illnesses almost completely by a combination of drinking lots of water and eating as natural as possible. King #1 and 2 have no issues with the food I prepare (I only cook healthy Vegan meals) and they love it. But King #3…boy, it is a serious struggle. He will be 10 years old in April so I am hoping that things can get better SOON.

One thing I discovered is that sometimes insisting and insisting (A.k.a nagging!) does work for some children on the spectrum. For example: Today King #3 wanted cereal and he got cereal…along with a whole apple cut up in slices. So of course, he ate the cereal but was looking at the apple like if I just handed him poison.

After eating his cereal he said he was “full” which it would be impossible because I put very little cereal (This kiddo thinks I don’t know his tricks). Anyways, I said well just sit down and wait until you feel to eat again to which he answered very upset: “What? And be here until…forever and ever?” (Who said there is such a thing as drama queens only?…)

Making a long story short, he ate the entire apple. He took his time and finished it. Of course, I congratulated him for doing such an exceptional job after all, Santa left a letter for him telling him specifically to eat his veggies and fruits so he doesn’t get sick.

Now during lunch, he wanted to eat some toast with peanut butter. I said fine but I added a mini-salad of lettuce and cucumbers on the side. Again, he looked at the salad in the same way he looked at the apples. He ate the toasts, and then said it will take him forever to finish it. I said it is okay, there is no rush. He then ate the few slices of cucumbers and said he will not eat the lettuce. I replied by saying that he will finish the lettuce just like he finished the apples *wink* So watching a show, he finished the mini-salad too.

Maybe this is a small victory for some parents, but for this sleepless mother of 3 it is a huge victory. And tomorrow we start all over again.

But what am I complaining about? In about three days, will be war zone (Fireworks) and I am not even sure how my kings will handle it this year. I hate those scratch bombs! The few hairs on top of my head might as well drop out completely.

But don’t mind me. Let the world be on hold for a few seconds today, ladies and gentlemen. King #3 ate veggies and fruits today! It should be on TV6 news!

Author: Maria Borde

I am a Mom of 3 wonderful Kings, all on the Autism Spectrum. No, it isn't a typo. As you can imagine, life is never boring around here.

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